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 Template Appointment Guidelines

  • Preparation: Clear all countertops to ensure precise measurements.
  • Cabinet Stability: Ensure all cabinets are firmly installed and leveled. Once templated, no repositioning of cabinets.
  • Measurement Accuracy: We base our quotes on client-provided measurements; however, final pricing might adjust based on our precise measurements.
  • Post-Template Process: After confirming your selections and template, we’ll reach out within 2-5 days to set up an installation date.

Installation Instructions

  • Plumbing Protocols: All plumbing, including connections to sinks and faucets on countertops, should be entirely disconnected before our team’s arrival. Note: The Countertop Factory of South FL does not engage in plumbing tasks. Arrange for a plumber to reconnect all fixtures a minimum of 12 hours post-installation.
  • Timing: Morning appointments generally fall between 9 am-12 pm, while afternoon slots are between 12 pm-6 pm.
  • Potential Delays: Stone installation can sometimes pose challenges. We anticipate complexities but some delays remain unforeseen.
  • Payment: Final payment is due upon installation completion. If any subsequent adjustments are needed, the full payment is still expected after the primary installation.
  • Support Brackets: Depending on material size and type, support brackets might be essential. A minimum charge of $75 per bracket is applicable. Their use is determined by the installer’s assessment of project security.

Seam Appearance

  • Seam Quality: The Countertop Factory of South FL employs advanced technology to minimize seam visibility. However, please understand that no seams are entirely invisible. Both their presence and position are determined by our expertise, focusing on aesthetics, safety, and durability. Sunlight can accentuate seams, and some placements may be influenced by it.

Nature of the Stone

  • Stone Attributes: Our stone countertops are polished, natural wonders. Inherent variations that amplify their beauty, such as fissures, pits, dull areas, texture differences, color variations between slabs, or slight thickness discrepancies, are not deemed flaws and won’t result in a remake or discount.

Resolution Rights

  • Stone Unpredictability: Stone’s nature can be erratic. While The Countertop Factory of South FL ensures meticulous countertop crafting, occasional adjustments might be necessary. We reserve the right to make these modifications and fulfill our installation commitment.

Finishing Work

  • Scope of Installation: Occasionally, due to the scoop of an install, ‘finish work’ may need to be done. The Countertop Factory of South Florida doesn’t perform finish work. Examples of finish work might include Reinstalling trim that had to be removed to complete the installation. Drywall work due to unavoidable damage from uninstalling and installing tops, electrical work, and all plumbing. additional ‘finish work’ might be required post-installation. We don’t perform such tasks. This includes but is not limited to trim reinstallation, any drywall repair due to installation-related damage, caulking, electrical tasks, or plumbing.

 Remnant Policy

 After we cut your material, there is a possibility of remnant pieces being left over. If you would like your useable remnants (larger than 2’x3’), it is mandatory to inform The Countertop Factory of South FL in writing prior to installation. If you would like a display board (approx. 12″x14″) for an additional charge of $45, please let The Countertop Factory of South FL know at the template. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to have your remnants picked up from The Countertop Factory of South FL. The Countertop Factory of South FL will not deliver remnants at the time of your installation. Please call to schedule an appointment to pick up your remnants. Any remnants not picked up within 30 days of installation will be deemed abandoned and The Countertop Factory of South FL has the right to dispose of them